You Need a Junk Journal


If you don’t already have some kind of journal, drop what you’re doing and go get one.

It’s ok…I’ll wait.

There are so many amazing benefits to journaling and it only takes a few minutes a day.  Maybe instead of reading more negativity on social media, you can put some time into you and organize that brain of yours.  I struggle with anxiety, so I will get a thought in my head and ruminate on it ALL. DAY. LONG.  It could be something stupid like how I said something (that wasn’t even perceived the way I thought it was) or something morbid like my impending death (which is also not reality…or at least I hope not).  Regardless of what it is, I can talk with people about it and it doesn’t seem to get better.  Some people even feed it.  Don’t feed my anxiety monster, it’s got plenty of food.

Solution 1: Journaling

The main thing that seems to help is writing.  Good, old-fashioned pen and paper.  All of those random fears or ruminations come out and I start to actually think it through.  When I’m writing in a journal, I can actually be honest, more honest than when I’m talking to friends.  You can talk and talk and talk and know that your journal isn’t going to quirk a brow at something weird you’ve said, or take a deep breath that clearly shows they’re getting done with this conversation.  Eventually, after all of that writing, it’s out!  You’re tired of talking about it and you’re free!  You can look at it on paper and see how ridiculous it is or maybe write about why you think it bothers you so much.  Journaling helps you get past those first 2 or 3 lines circling in your brain.

I recently did a Mental Unload course and the first step was to write out everything that’s going on in your brain.  I realized that I was mainly stressed because I was keeping a mental to-do list instead of writing it down.  Add on top of that homeschooling three kids, a job, a marriage, the dreaded “what should I make for dinner tonight”…that’s too much for your brain to handle.  Of course I was anxious!  Google the benefits of journaling and you’ll see all of the amazing things it does.

Solution 2: Art

Next, let’s talk about art.  Everyone needs a way to express themselves.  Maybe journaling isn’t enough for you.  Sometimes it takes making some weird art to get out whatever you’ve been holding in.  There are so many types of art.  Here’s a perfect summary I found on Quora:


Visual art

Visual art is a form of art that uses any medium to signify the artist’s idea, sentiment and imagination. Examples of visual arts: Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Photography.

Applied Art

Applied art is a portion of visual art and it can be defined as art that has real-world application as well as functionality. Examples of applied art: Architecture, Fashion Design, Wood Crafts, Interior Design.

Performing Arts

Performing art is that form of art which includes dance, music, opera, films, theater, drama, magic shows and stand up comedies. It is the most celebrated and appreciated form of art.

Solution 3:  Junk Journaling (The Best Solution!)

If Visual or Applied Art is your thing, mix that with journaling and you’ve got a Junk Journal (no offense to your art)!  Instead of just writing on a page of your journal, you can also add pieces of pretty paper that you don’t want to throw away but it’s just cluttering your counters or desk.  Maybe add funny or endearing pictures of your kids, or of a project you’ve finished.  It’s like a journal and a scrapbook in one joyous book, and it’s all for you.

If interpretive dance or the violin are more you, you can still use scraps or pictures that are performance-inspired (or whatever you want) to make your junk journal special to you.

Your brain craves occasional boredom, creativity, nature and peace (like when we were kids) in an era that’s so set on busyness and air-conditioning.  Set that gray matter free!



P.S. – If you know someone that needs a junk journal, along with some hot tea and homemade cookies, check out our May Box 😉