March Is Perfect for Monthly Care Packages!


March is such a special month — not only is the first day of spring during this month, but there are also a few noteworthy holidays that we love celebrating. There is no easier and better way to celebrate this time of year than by sending a premade care package to your friends and family, and when you are ready to do so, Mom in a Box is here to help. We proudly offer one of the most unique and affordable monthly care packages online for the month of March, and we would love to ship one out for you today. Check out a few reasons why people are sending our March care package below.

Why Send Our Premade Care Package?

Mardi Gras

The official date for Mardi Gras may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop! In fact, many folks keep up their Mardi Gras decorations for the entire month of March to embody the spirit of Fat Tuesday and Carnival for weeks on end. Why not help your friends and loved ones out by sending them a premade care package that has Mardi Gras-themed goodies? Imagine the surprise on their faces when they open their care package to discover a number of incredible treats. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and love that you know them well enough to send them such a unique gift by mail.


Do you know someone who has a birthday during the month of March? Sure, you could take them out to dinner, go see a movie with them, or get them a nice card to commemorate their special day. You could also send them a unique premade care package that includes several of their favorite goodies.

When you send one of our monthly care packages to your friends and family, you can pick which kind of cookie you think they will enjoy most, and our March box allows you to select from Mom’s Chocolate Chunk cookies, homemade King Cake cookies, or homemade chocolate mint cookies. We even offer gluten-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies for those recipients who have dietary restrictions. In addition to selecting which type of cookie you think your friends and family will enjoy most, you can also select a bath or shower gift, such as relaxing shower melts, bath salts, or a shower puff. How fun!

Saint Patrick’s Day

For many individuals, March is best known for the wide variety of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations that take place. Whether your family has strong ties to Ireland or you have a friend who is just a Saint Paddy’s Day nut, sending a premade care package is a fun way to celebrate this beloved holiday. Our March care package is wonderful for many reasons, but our favorite is the coffee and Irish cream creamer that is included in the box. March might usher in some warmer temperatures, but Saint Patrick’s Day is still early enough that there could be a chill in the air, and your recipient will love having a warm, festive drink to celebrate with.

The First Day of Spring

March 20 is the official first day of spring this year, which is cause for great celebration in and of itself. Many parts of the country have seen a particularly horrendous winter this year, and a number of individuals have been eagerly awaiting the day when snow and freezing temperatures come to an end for the season. Sending monthly care packages to your friends and family is one of the best ways to celebrate a change in season, and our March care package is no exception. Order yours today to help the special individuals in your life usher in spring in an incredibly unique way.

Order Monthly Care Packages Online

Mom in a Box is here to help you celebrate March in one of the most fun and unique ways possible — by sending a premade care package that has an assortment of goodies that are sure to deliver endless smiles to your friends and family all month long. Our monthly care package for March includes fun items like Mardi Gras beads, coffee with Irish cream creamer, homemade Cajun Chex mix, tea, and of course, our signature ‘You’ve Been Mom’d’ mug, just to name a few. Order your monthly care packages from Mom in a Box today to spread seasonal joy to your friends and family all year long!