The Perfect Get Well Soon Care Package


There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather — even the most simple tasks can simply require too much energy to do, and larger tasks, like going to work or school, are completely out of the question. Here at Mom in a Box, we understand that the loving, comforting care of a mom is something everyone wants when they are sick, no matter how old they are. Unfortunately, Mom can’t always be there, but our Sniffles Box can be! This get well soon care package has everything your friends and loved ones need to get on the path to feeling better, and at less than $50, it’s a steal! Let’s take a look at seven reasons why this box makes the perfect care package for sick friends and loved ones.

What Makes the Sniffles Box Great

Pineapple Juice

We all know that vitamin C is great for our immune system, which is why there are a number of powder drink mixes designed to ward off colds. But did you know that pineapple juice works wonders for fighting infection and killing bacteria? This makes it wonderful for those who have colds, and drinking it can actually soothe sore throats, calm coughing, ease body aches, and help expel mucus. Incredible!

Healing Chicken Noodle Soup and Crackers

Ah, chicken noodle soup. This is the go-to meal that moms make for kids who are sick, but have you ever wondered why? Turns out that a nice, hearty bowl of this delicious soup can help clear up congestion. The chicken, carrots, and celery are chock-full of vitamins and nutrients that offer a mild anti-inflammatory effect to help ease cold symptoms, and your recipient will love the comforting warmth that our chicken noodle soup provides when they aren’t feeling well.


If you have ever had one of those frustrating, lingering colds, then you know that you can never have enough tissues on hand. Your recipient might not have a box of tissues in every room, or worse, they may need to go to work before they are completed over their cold. Lugging a big box of tissues around just isn’t practical, having a few travel packages of tissues can come in handy. When we were putting together our Sniffles Box, we knew these were a must-have item.

CTA - Need a Care Package for Sick Loved Ones

Electrolyte Freezer Pops

With an upset stomach and a scratchy, sore throat, it can be really difficult to maintain hydration and electrolyte balances when we are sick. However, these are two of the things our bodies need most to maintain energy levels and kick viruses to the curb. To help, we have included a variety of ready-to-freeze electrolyte pops in our Sniffles Box. Pop them in the freezer and a few hours later, your recipient with have an electrolyte-rich frozen treat to soothe their sore throat.

Lip Balm and Essential Oil Rub

Have you ever noticed that you can’t seem to keep your lips hydrated when you have a cold? It’s always a good thing to have a spare chapstick tube, and your recipient will love this little, but thoughtful, gift in their get well soon care package. Our Sniffles Box also features an essential oil rub called Breathe Better. This rub is specifically designed to help open airways, which can allow your recipient some much-needed relief from congestion.


Who doesn’t love homemade cookies? These tasty treats are even better when baked fresh from mom, and when you order our Sniffles Box, you can choose from three different types of cookies. For the ultimate cold-fighting cookie, we recommend choosing the Triple Ginger cookie. However, if your recipient loves chocolate or has a gluten sensitivity, our Mom’s Chocolate Chunk and gluten-free Monster cookies are always a wise choice.

Tea and Honey Crystals

Thanks to constant coughing and sinuses draining, a sore throat is often an unwelcome part of having a cold. Soothing, hot beverages, like tea, are the best way to combat a sore throat, and it can help your recipient stay hydrated at the same time. Our Sniffles Box comes with your choice of four different teas. We recommend Gypsy Cold Tea, but the Russian tea, peppermint tea, and coffee are also wonderful choices. Honey crystals are also included in the get well soon care package to sweeten the deal.

Order Your Get Well Soon Care Package

Want to help your friend or loved one recover as quickly as possible from a nasty virus? The Sniffles Box has everything they need to help them feel better. In addition to all of the wonderful goodies we reviewed in today’s post, your recipient will also receive a “You’ve been Mom’d” keepsake mug, perfect for remembering your caring generosity when they were feeling under the weather. This get well soon care package is ideal for sending directly to your recipient, or you can order a couple of them to have on hand to hand deliver yourself when the time arises. Order your Sniffles Box today!